You want inner clarity, stability and authenticity? 

Are you ready...

▸ to feel life again?

▸ to be fundamentally honest with yourself?

▸ to discover new points of view and new paths?


In everyday life you usually don't have time to deal with your concerns. Instead, they lie dormant in secret, waiting to be noticed and carefully examined. How can you regain access to what is bothering you?

With the creative methods of art and Gestalt therapy you can develop a feeling for yourself again and find solutions. This will help you bring your head and your gut feeling together. Then you can see clearly, make good decisions and be happy again.

In the free introductory session I will introduce my work to you, show you the materials and we will complete a few formalities. After we got to know each other, there is a short practical exercise to get you started: I will suggest a topic that you can take up or not. Maybe you also have your own concerns?

If you would like, I will accompany you on your personal journey to a finer perception of what is. Get involved in living the moment mindfully and consciously in the now and here. Find out how your perspective on your issues changes and how relief is possible. Enjoy the feeling of feeling better and becoming more at peace with yourself. In this second, growth and change can begin and you will find your inner clarity. The range of creative therapy options is diverse, be it body awareness, fantasy journeys, creative expression with paints and papers, i.e. all sorts of things to try out, experiment and create.

At some point, sooner or later, we will part. Maybe we'll see each other again, maybe it'll be a goodbye forever. In a final conversation, let's reflect on the collaboration, review the experiences and have an honest exchange to see what was good and helped you.

Oh yes, one more thing: You don't have to be good at art to be creative :-) Actually, it's about getting involved in the creative and development process. Are you curious and would like to find out more about it?

 Then chat with me!

Would you like to get to know me and this wonderful kind of mindfulness and awareness work? Book a free introductory lesson in my studio in Illemad! After registering, you can read and download the Kudea agreement. It contains further important information for you.

▸ You enjoyed it and you want more?

▸ Are you curious about what else you might discover?

▸ Does it feel like an intense and inspiring experience?

▸ Do you already feel changes in your life?

▸ Is there much else you would like to be clear about?


A single lesson on site in the studio (Buttenwiesen) costs 80 euros.

The entry package covers three hours and costs 210 euros.

1. “Where am I?” using the “sprinkle method” to recognize inner emotions.

2. “My name is – I am” with the “name portrait” to experience your own identity.

3. “I and you – with each other, against each other” explore the relationship and projection with the “sharing portrait”.

The support package with topics that specifically affect you and your life lasts ten hours and costs 600 euros. The lessons take place every three to five weeks, depending on what suits you.