Have you ever felt like something is rumbling somewhere deep inside you and you can't quite put your finger on what it is?



My contribution:

I work in a solution-orientated and non-ideological way. In order to achieve clarity and the best solution for you, I use the methods of Gestalt therapy purposefully and creatively. My rich life experience and targeted further training qualify me as a guide.

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▸ Clarity about your situation ?

▸ Recognise feelings and intuition ?

▸ Self-confidence ?

▸ Decisiveness ?

▸ The ability to realise ?

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Are you ready to:

▸ Be fundamentally honest with yourself?

▸ Discover other points of view?

▸ Go new ways?

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More about this topic

In everyday life, you usually don't have time to deal with your concerns. Instead, they bubble away in secret, waiting to be recognised and carefully considered. How can you regain access to what is bothering you?

Would you like to get to know me and this wonderful way of working with mindfulness and awareness? Book a free introductory session in my studio in Illemad! After registering, you can read and download the Kudea agreement. It contains further important information for you.

I will guide you with good conversations and the creative methods of art and gestalt therapy. I will help you to develop a feeling for yourself again and to find solutions. This helps you to bring your head and gut together. Then you can see clearly, make good decisions and be happy again.

In the free introductory session, I will introduce you to my work, show you the materials and we will take care of a few formalities. After we have got to know each other, we will start with a short practical exercise: I will offer you a topic to look at, which you may or may not accept. Perhaps you have brought your own concern with you?

If you wish, I will accompany you on your personal journey to a fine perception of what is. Allow yourself to live the moment mindfully and consciously in the here and now. Experience how the view of your issues changes and relief is possible. Enjoy the feeling of feeling yourself better and coming to terms with yourself. In this second, growth and change can begin and you will find your inner clarity. There is a wide range of Gestalt therapy options for this, be it body awareness, fantasy journeys, creative expression with colours and papers, all kinds of things to try out, experiment with and create.

Oh yes, one more thing: you don't have to "know art" to be creative :-) It's much more about getting involved with unconventional ideas, new ways of thinking and extravagant approaches - an unusual process of creation and development! Are you curious and want to find out more? Then chat to me!


This is what it's worth for you

includes 3 appointments

▸ You recognise inner impulses and your point of view

▸ You explore your identity

▸ You recognise the quality of your relationships

230 Euro

The accompanying package
includes 10 appointments

▸ You stay on top of YOUR topic

▸ You find solutions and clarity that strengthen YOU

▸ YOU take control of YOUR life, how it is and how it changes

790 Euro

Individual and Follow-Up Appointments

▸ You can clearly name your topics and want to be clear about a lot of things.
88 Euro

An appointment is approx. 90 minutes.

Payment is made by bank transfer after invoicing.    


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