Do you want health and energy, healing from within?

Are you ready to...

▸ trust the universe?

▸ Accept the healing power of the spiritual world?

▸ let go of fixed ideas and live changes?


In general, people tend to choose the conventional way to get healthy. 

Everything the health insurance company pays for is good. Often that even helps. But there are also cases where that is no longer enough. Then you have to take a closer look at what it is about, to research, question a lot and look at yourself with absolute honesty. The chance of healing lies in acknowledgement. Do you want to experience change, improvement and growth? How can this process be made easier?

When you don't know what to do, I can be there for you. We start where the pain is greatest and the foundations for your well-being are laid: in the mental area, on a spiritual level. With my spiritual work I give you, specifically your Higher Self, the energies you need for healing, growth and change. The spiritual world knows what you need and has it ready for you. Open yourself up to it and you will get it. You can trust on it. When you feel well again mentally, you will also find the strength to cope in everyday life again.

With the transpersonal energetic distance treatment you receive support for your healing process. This helps you overcome your weaknesses, problems, beliefs and blockages and thus maintain your mental health. And then the body can also become healthy.

Sometimes you need courage to take unconventional paths. With a little self-confidence, the path usually becomes apparent. Then you have to approach it courageously.

This is such a never-ending topic, I would like to tell you more about it. 

Do you have time?


Would you like to inform me about your issues, which should be considererd with transpersonal energetic distance treatment? Let me know what is bothering you, how you are feeling, and where you would like to heal. During this telephone call we will clarify all your questions and I can empathize with your situation.


If you commission me to work for you, I can carry out the ritual of transpersonal energetic distance treatment for you. All I need is your full name and a photo or your date of birth. We'll arrange an appointment where you can relax and I can work for you. Then we exchange our perceptions: you let me know how you felt and I tell you what I realized.

The fee for transpersonal energetic distance treatment is 160 euros per hour. I will send you an invoice for this.

Significant improvement often occurs after the first appointment. Sometimes it doesn't take until the next day, sometimes it takes a while for the changes on the spiritual level to manifest on the material level. However, there are also difficult problems that require a lot of effort to solve. Then it's time to stay tuned, look, carry on. I will help you with that.