I was diagnosed with giftedness at the age of 50. No, it is not a disease. It only makes you sick when you don't know it, don't find support in your environment and therefore can't position yourself properly in society. That happened to me and I became depressed. I refused psychiatric drugs because such depressive moods cannot be treated with medication.

A friend showed me the way out, she said to me: "Fold your hands and speak loudly and clearly: I ask for strength and confidence." That actually strengthened me.


I am now happy about my strengths, because giftedness and high sensitivity open the gates to a fine perception and to spiritual work. I am excited about my talent to be able to direct the energies of the universe for healing. 

In transpersonal remote treatment you can open yourself to the healing energies and be amazed at what they can do in your life, if you let them. What is healed on a spiritual level can also be healed physically. It makes me happy to contribute to the well-being of my fellow human beings.

I could tell you much more about this... What else are you interested in? Just ask me!

In shamanic coaching I recognised the 'healer' in me and the talent to direct healing energies. At first I was sceptical. After attending a science high school, a commercial apprenticeship and a job as a team assistant in a metal construction company, I was always surrounded by people with a factual and technical orientation. 

However, energetic healing is not completely new to me. When I got a bad skin rash in my early twenties, the doctors had no other idea but treatment with cortisone, which I refused. Instead, I went to a non-medical practitioner and got to know kinesiology. At a glance it became clear to me: healing begins on a spiritual level, then the body can also become healthy.

My alternative practitioner had refined her treatment method to such an extent that she offered personal and transpersonal kinesiology, i.e. kinesiology from a distance. And I clearly felt every time she worked energetically for me. For decades this contributed enormously to my mental health and spiritual balance. I was able to overcome many of life's hurdles without wearing myself out or becoming embittered. On the contrary, I have grown from it!

I work in two areas that can go hand in hand:

My 'creative soul' can be found in the Gestalt therapy work with clients in my studio. We look at your concerns face to face. In a personal exchange with me, you will experience yourself in a new way and find clarity. Pictures say more than words, and many things cannot be put into words, but are expressed in colors and shapes.

My 'inspired soul' of my destiny unfolds fully in the transpersonal energetic distance treatment. No matter where you are - me here, you there - spirituality knows no boundaries. Health care on a spiritual level is the basis for perfect health: I see you, I support you trustworthy with all issues.

Of course, I also have other interests, including: Motorbike and bicycle riding, travelling and exercise in the fresh air, art and restoration, Feldenkrais and yoga, reading and foreign languages...

We can also talk about them :)